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Click and Clone – SQL Relay 2015 | Data Architecture
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Click and Clone – SQL Relay 2015

I had the privilege of being selected to deliver my latest presentation at SQL Relay 2015. Week one was Nottingham and Reading. However, I joined the relay in week two on Monday at Microsoft London and continued through to Bristol, Cardiff and finishing in Birmingham.

All the event locations were very well attended by members of the SQL user community. There was a large contingent of speakers from the UK and around the world. The breadth of topics was vast from beginner through to very expert level sessions. However, the entire relay event would not have been possible without the support and sponsorship from all the vendors and Microsoft. Its this combined community that continues to make Microsoft SQL Server a genuinely pleasurable platform to work on. If you need help you can get it.

My data warehouse experiences over the last few years have provided me with an opportunity to design and deploy a Kimball retail data warehouse implementation. To this I applied my long time experience of building and administering a massively parallel COBOL SQL data warehouse ETL system on Tandem Nonstop, in a large corporate insurance environment. The core concepts from this environment are very useful to apply to the UK retail sector.

Small to medium retail business has a very mixed set of sales channels, with varying data quality and sales velocity. It is also rapidly evolving. This is combined with other challenges, such as smaller IT teams, conflicting demands and sometimes limited budgets.

My ‘click and clone’ design provides a number of opportunities for the data and operations teams to address many of the common challenges they face, such as controlled, stabilised loading into the data warehouse presentation layer, whilst also dealing with the data quality issues that can plague  these constantly evolving environments.

Here is the presentation for you to review (if you saw me present it at SQL Relay), or to look at for the first time. Feel free to contact me with questions and if you would like to see me deliver this presentation I will be at SQL Saturday Southampton on December 5, 2015.



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