SQL Santa London

Today I had the very big privilege of delivering my Star Schema Database Primer presentation at the SQL Santa 2012 event, held today at Microsoft in London.

The free event, put on by the SQLFAQ group, sold out two weeks prior to the date. A sure sign of the increasing popularity and usage of Microsoft SQL Server.

Here is the slide deck from my presentation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If you weren’t able to attend, it covers the evolution of the relational database model and the major players, what a normalised data model looks like and how a star schema database deliberately moves away from that OLTP optimsed design, to deliver the basis for high performance decision support solutions.

I was completely blown away by the packed room of approx 125 attendees. Thanks for listening. I really enjoyed myself and I hope you found the time you gave up worthwhile and a big thank you to Tony Rogerson and the rest of the SQLFAQ team for the opportunity.


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