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Star Schema Primer | Data Architecture
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Star Schema Primer

Tonight I was privileged to be able to make my first presentation within the SQL Server community at the monthly SQL Server Southampton user group.

The tagline of the presentation was “the core principles of the Star Schema database, used for decision support solutions and as the bedrock for Analysis Services cubes and the new Tabular model”.

It covers the evolution of the relational database model and the major players, what a normalised data model looks like and how a star schema database deliberately moves away from that OLTP optimsed design, to deliver the basis for high performance decision support solutions.

I cover the basic features of the star schema database, dimension and fact table examples and considerations for best use of these database designs.

If you are starting out in this field then I hope this presentation provides some context and useful tips. I extensively used Wikipedia for my research and have provided loads of links. So whenever you want to find out when Larry Ellison spotted an opportunity waiting to be exploited, which RDBMS system spawned many others and who is Jimmy Treybig, this primer brings many of these trivial pursuit answers for data professional together in one place.

Click to view the Apple Keynote presentation in your browser.

PS. if you spot any errors, or think I have done someone or some company a disfavour by omission, please let me know.


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