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Data Architecture

I have over 30 years experience in the database field, beginning with IBM DB2, specialising in Tandem NonStop SQL and in the last few years I have focused on Microsoft SQL Server.

My core experience is with business intelligence solutions & strategy, database modelling & design, large scale ETL systems infrastructure, data migrations & bespoke training.

My first project relating to business intelligence was in 1989. The task was to transform a Bill of Material flat file data feed into a DB2 database and expose it to the user department via a self service reporting tool (QMF). This small simple project transformed a manual task from 2-3 weeks effort into a 3 minute online report run. This experience set the scene for my career.

I soon noticed a tendency of some technologists to keep their craft secret. Because of my background in team sports and an early move into the data arena, my mantra quickly became one of standardisation, documentation, and clear communication. Command line interfaces compelled me to work on self documenting, administrative solutions. This allowed me, as a DBA, to support large development teams and simplify the control of production SQL database environments.

I believe that meeting the needs of business analysts & application users, requires clear and honest communication, a pragmatic approach to delivering incremental solutions and a commitment to understand the real business needs.

Regardless of whether the Business Intelligence / Data Services team or “reporting” function is within the IT department our outside it, I passionately believe that this service must be strongly aligned with and steered by the directors of the business enterprise. It is not just the domain of IT. Business intelligence solutions are not traditional IT projects and require a different, collaborative approach.

As a consultant, the skills and experience I will bring to your organisation are extensive. I work  decisively & effectively and can assist with the transition to modern BI practices.